Beurer HA20 Hearing Amplifier | Amplifies the volume of sounds for restricted hearing abilities | Ergonomic fit behind the ear | Individually adjustable | Continuously variable volume | Medical device


  • HEAR BETTER: The Beurer hearing aid is particularly suitable for people with impaired hearing and will amplify all sounds, outdoors or indoors.
  • DISCREET: The ergonomic design fits neatly behind your ear with all controls easily accessible for adjustment as needed.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Includes 3 attachments to help adjust to your ear canal for a comfortable fit.
  • LOUD AND CLEAR: The HA20 has a continually adjustable volume to 128dB with a maximum amplification of 40dB.
  • MEDICAL DEVICE: The Beurer hearing amplifier is a certified medical device and comes protected in a handy storage box.
  • Includes: 1x Beurer HA20 hearing amplifier, 3x earplugs in different sizes, 1x storage box, 2x batteries 1.4 V PR 48

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