Anusol Cream 23g
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Anusol Cream 23g

Anusol Cream 23g


Product features

  • antiseptic, astringent and emollient properties
  • symptomatic relief from haemorrhoids

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Anusolcream provides antiseptic, astringent and emollient properties which help to relieve discomfort associated with minor ano-rectal conditions.

Anusol cream also provides lubricating properties for use with suppositories.

Indicated for the symptomatic relief of uncomplicated internal and external haemorrhoids, pruritus ani, proctitis and fissures. Also indicated post-operatively in ano-rectal surgical procedures and after incision of thrombosed or sclerosed ano-rectal veins.

Adults and elderly (over 65 years):

  • Apply to the affected area at night, in the morning and after each evacuation until the condition is controlled.
  • Thoroughly cleanse the affected area, dry and apply cream.
  • ANUSOL cream is prepared in a vanishing cream base and may be gently smoothed on to the affected area without the need to apply a gauze dressing.
  • For internal conditions, use rectal nozzle provided. Remove the nozzle cap.
  • Clean the nozzle after each use.

Not for oral use

not recommended for children. This product should not be used during pregnancy and lactation

Info leaflet

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